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5 Tips for Creating Great Landing Pages

  Jan 18, 2023
  By Xpertise
5 Tips for Creating Great Landing Pages

A landing page's objective is to nurture potential consumers who aren't yet prepared to make a purchase and to show how your business offers a special benefit in that field.

Such a webpage is crucial if you want to increase customer satisfaction, increase sales of your service or product and attract new clients swiftly with alluring offers.

You'll discover the essential elements of a fantastic B2B and B2C landing page in this article and how to include it into your material to boost conversions.


How do landing pages work?

A landing page is a standalone web page that has been designed with a specific goal in mind. You can install tracking tools on a landing page to monitor user behavior.

Most landing pages serve one of the following five objectives:

1. Urge a visitor to tap in (to visit a different page, either on your own or another site).

2. Encourage a visitor to buy anything.

3. Request consent from a visitor so you can contact them later (by e-mail, phone, social media, etc.).

4. Persuade the user to recommend your goods or services to a friend.

5. Encourage visitors to offer feedback or learn something. You might do this by leaving a remark or rating one of your goods or services.

Potential customers are expressing interest in the particular product or value proposition when they click on your landing page through PPC ads, organic search, social media ads, or promotional emails. Nevertheless, a landing page alone won't be sufficient to encourage a purchase.

You can arrange the information in certain ways to promote conversions and ultimately purchases. Here are top five practices to follow in order to create landing pages that draw in more visitors and amplify their interest signals.

Craft a perfect headline

Your landing page's headline is the very first thing a viewer sees, and the majority of site visitors will read it before skimming the copy. Therefore, it's crucial to craft catchy headlines and if you think it doesn’t matter, well it surely does.


To achieve that, stay away from headlines that are unclear or inaccurately summarize your content. First and foremost, make sure your content is presented in an interesting, succinct, and eye-catching manner. Second, make sure the perks of your offer are clearly stated in the headline. Users will more likely stay and respond to the call-to-action if this happens.

Thirdly, remember that an optimized page title (which incorporates a keyword) can also assist in improving your search engine rating. A keyword-optimized landing page that is indexed on your website makes it more visible for that specific query.

For a smooth user experience, make sure your landing page's headline always corresponds with the title of your email, advertisement, SEO copy, etc.

For instance, if your advertisement is for "restaurants in Abu Dhabi," your landing page's title should include the phrase "restaurants in Abu Dhabi" and be complemented by pertinent content.

Create unique landing pages for each running advertisement

The content a viewer clicks must closely correspond to the title and body copy on your landing page. Aligning the headline of the landing page well with title of the advert the visitor clicked is known as a "message match."

Furthermore, referring consumers to your main website or a separate product webpage from the promotional page won't enable the messaging to match up correctly because most B2C businesses produce and distribute a lot of material across numerous categories and product kinds.

For instance, if you send out an email promoting local area events, including one in which they might be particularly interested, the viewer will tap the CTA button to purchase tickets for that performance. The consumer will likely be quite irritated if you direct them to your website's homepage instead of the performance’s ticket page, which has promotional content for another event.


Any promotion you conduct should send clients to a specific landing page whose title and content correspond to your advertisement or email promotional language in order to make the customer happy and make a sale. The user should be able to see any contextual hints related right away. Users shouldn't have to go through extra hoops to find the right content.

Use images responsibly

When information is presented alongside pertinent imagery, 65% of individuals remember it, compared to only 10% of those who merely hear it. As a result, it's important to include an image that shows a person utilizing your service or product or that shows the visitor what they will get if they click on the landing page.

But beware. Always use graphics to increase conversions rather than divert site visitors. Your photos should not only be motivational, unique, and captivating, but they should also be strategically placed to move the reader to take action. A brief instructional film can also help increase conversion rates.

Create Captivating CTAs

The most crucial element of any landing page is your call to action (CTA) button because it's how new leads are added to your database. Without this, your business won't attract potential new consumers, which diminishes the significance of the remaining material and graphics on your page. Your conversion rate can go up significantly when you use great CTAs, which have three essential components.

You must persuade visitors to hit the CTA because they must feel obligated to do so. Focus on interesting, individualized copy instead of dull or ambiguous language like "submit" or "get started," such as "Send me the eBook" or "Get my free trial." Make it clear to the user what they will receive if they click the button.


Your button's CTA color should contrast with the items around it to attract the most attention. To determine which colors are most effective for your company, do A/B testing. It's crucial to avoid making assumptions based on "best practices" that could not apply to you because preferences can frequently differ by industry and persona. In light of this, it is generally advised to select colors for your CTA button that contrast with the color of your website.

Don't make your forms too complicated

Your conversion rates may be doomed by a badly designed lead capture form. In order to claim an offer, prospects do not wish to spend a great deal of time disclosing a lot of personal information. Don't ask for more information than you absolutely need; consumers often voluntarily divulge more information once they sign up as clients.

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