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Importance of Colors in Brand Communication Strategy

  Jul 13, 2022
  By Xpertise
Importance of Colors in Brand Communication Strategy

Branding and marketing can be tricky. Have your emotions ever been taken on a roller-coaster ride while watching your favorite brand’s ad campaigns? Other than the story portrayed, how do you think they constantly upkeep their values? In a word, one effective way to do this is through colors. How? As digital marketing experts, we break it down for you.

In the journey towards building your brand strategy, color is one of the major weapons present in your arsenal. The power of color has a far-reaching impact on how the audience perceives your brand. Whether you are promoting yourself as fun and adventurous, or one that serves royalty; choosing the right colors can aid you in telling your brand’s story and creating impactful impressions on your audience. Picking a color scheme is a point of much deliberation; its primary focus is how you wish to highlight the brand’s personality. To make it easy, think of your company as a person and answer questions like who are they and what do they stand for? Once finalized, see which colors fit best to your brand’s values and personality. There are no laid out rules on which colors attribute which emotions but there surely is a guideline that can help you to make an informed decision. For instance, Red can signify passion and excitement, Yellow/Orange evokes playfulness, a friendly attitude, and vitality, Dark blue stands for professionalism, formality and security, Light blue exudes openness and tranquility & Purple is attributed to royalty, sophistication and richness!

Keep in mind that subtle combinations and differences matter. A light blue offers a different mood to a dark blue, or the combination of picked colors must work in tandem to communicate your brand personality. It is these colors that command the look and feel of your organization for the foreseeable future until you plan to change how you want it to be perceived. When used to your advantage, colors can be a great emotive subject that has the potential to swing your audience’s feelings. Antonio Damasio, a neuroscientist, confirms that consumers’ feelings about a brand surpass how they think of it. Furthermore, repetition of colors is key to strengthening your brand image. The consistent use of the same colors work to reinforce the emotions attributed to the organization, and over time form impressions in the audiences’ mind. McDonald’s golden arches on a red background have been around for a long time, leaving no room for confusion, or WhatsApp’s light green is distinctive from any other social media app.

By employing the same color scheme throughout your business ventures, the brand’s association with these colors are strengthened, which extends to strengthening brand awareness as a whole. Just to spread it out, common areas where your brand colors will be used are in logo, website, advertisements, storefront, design in-store, and staff uniforms. When viewed from the customer’s point of view, these colors will become a source of identification for them. Ultimately, it is this perception that the company monetizes on. Choosing the right colors can be an integral part of branding. From building a brand’s personality to coming through as an organization that sticks to its values; the color scheme you pick becomes your identity. It is this identity that will imprint in the hearts of consumers and help you build lasting and meaningful relationships with your clients.

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