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Prypto, a revolution you have been waiting for.

  Nov 18, 2022
  By Xpertise
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Prypto, a revolution you have been waiting for.

Investing in real estate can be a complicated and time-consuming task. Not to mention the process of a property hunt and dealing with the lengthy procedure of purchasing it. The struggle is real. We get it. Although, we have news for you. A revolution is underway.

One that makes the process of investing feel like a breeze. Prypto, a property tech firm is transforming the way you perceive real estate. A Dubai-based company led by a real estate giant, Managing Director of Damac Properties, Amira Sajwani, is revolutionizing the real estate scene in Dubai.

A one-stop shop for all real estate needs of investors and agents alike is here to simplify the process of property ownership. Prypto offers a range of products from Mortgage, Equity Release, Buyouts, Rent Now Pay Later, Fractional Ownership, and much more. A single portal that is accessible to everyone interested in purchasing their dream home or investing in a property. Owning property in Dubai is considered to be something the rich can afford, but that changes now. Prypto believes everyone can invest in property and efficiently capitalize on their income.

How you ask? Let us break it down for you.

Rent Now Pay Later (RNPL)

This service has been turning heads in the market and customer base alike. Remember the time when you came across a beautiful house that is ideal for you in every way, but the rent was slightly out of your budget? This will not be an issue anymore as Prypto offers to pay your landlord the annual rent in a single cheque and you can pay them back in 12 monthly cheques.

Kind of unfathomable, but it is the truth. Renting your dream home is now within your reach as Prypto bridges the gap between you and your dream home that you picture yourself in. Moreover, such a service broadens the horizon for you and the landlord at once.

Since Prypto has taken the burden away of paying your landlord all at once, you are no more required to crunch your finances for rent, instead you can now diversify on other products such as Prypto Mortgage or Prypto Blocks that lets you own a fraction of a property and earn passive income. On the other hand, such a transaction is fruitful for the landlord as they get the annual rent in one go and can use that rent to invest in offplan properties to pay the downpayment or invest in Prypto Blocks to begin their passive source of income. It is a win-win situation.

Landlord be like


The process of buying your dream home will feel like a walk in the garden. Prypto’s mortgage experts who have been in the field for years offer you personalized advice on what is the best fit for you. Along with this, Prypto’s long-standing relationship with banks can secure you a home loan tailored to your requirements within 48 hours, so that you never lose your dream home. Secure your dream home in a fast and efficient way.

Home buyer be like

Part ownership

Have you dreamed of being a property owner in Dubai but found it too expensive? If that is a yes, then this is for you. Prypto encourages customers to buy a fraction of a property and start earning passive income. The rental yield you get from the property can grow over time due to the value of property. Purchasing a fraction of the property at once gives you the freedom to invest more over time by purchasing more blocks of the same property and have complete ownership of it, or invest in other property blocks that have gained in value. Such a practise is extremely profitable on a long-term basis. The accessibility Prypto offers is nothing like one has seen before. The company is building a community of owners, investors, tenants, and agents. Because everyone deserves to be a part of the system and fulfil their real estate ambitions.

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Prypto for broker

While an investor or a home buyer can benefit from Prypto, so can a real estate broker. With Prypto, you have the opportunity to build a diverse portfolio for your clients advising them on when to buy property or blocks, when to sell them…and when to buy again. As a broker, Prypto enables you to get mortgage approvals on behalf of your clients who are looking for their dream home in Dubai. Additionally, they can also give their clients advice on how they can avail the RNPL service and simultaneously start their chapter of real estate investment using Prypto blocks. Through the revolutionary service and your professional guidance, you can help your clients to divert your rental cashflow into high-ROI projects for fractional ownership. As broker, you already have the knowledge and networks you need to advise your clients on the right investment strategy. But with Prypto you also get access to an advanced digital platform to fulfil your goals and targets.

Broker be like

Prypto is just getting started, as a wide array of product line is in the making for you all to utilize soon. Prypto is an ever-evolving firm that comes up with exciting new products that simplify the process of real estate. With its tech-based ecosystem of property products on a single portal that vouches for transparency and accountability, this platform is a game-changer. Stay tuned for updates on product releases. Meanwhile, check out their website and witness the phenomenon yourself.


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