Did You Give It Your All, But Still Failed To Reach Your Goal?

Are you unable to take your real estate business to the next level through digital marketing? Don’t fret! We at Xpertise, have a solution for you.

We will evaluate your online presence and give you feedback on how it can be improved. Our experts conduct deep analysis and go through every detail from customer journey on your website to the overall performance of content marketing.


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Learn how to effectively design and deploy bold and competitive marketing campaigns in the digital age from the digital marketing advisor of Multiple Award-Winning Brokerage Firms in Dubai.

Brand Development Strategy

Story telling techniques & content marketing

Customer Journey Funnel Design

Online Presence (Weekly Posting Chart)

Video Marketing Techniques

Detailed Strategy to Generate Qualified Leads

Remarketing Strategy & Remarketing Funnels

Email Automation Funnel with email samples

Secret to Success

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How To Build A Business That Runs Without You

3 Strategies to keep clients interested

This book contains all the information you need to run your digital marketing successfully and make good returns. From key concepts such as creating engaging creative campaigns, getting qualified leads, tracking potential clients, remarketing to them, and retaining current clients.

It is a powerhouse of information that you can always go back to and receive insights to up your digital marketing game. But we understand that creating, managing, and quality checking your online presence can become a whole job by itself. Hence, we want to take the pressure off you. You can rest assured that we do not jump on the bandwagon and follow the crowd. We create content specific to your business and customize everything to suit your needs. Here is a glimpse of a course of action we swear by:

Creative Campaigns

Xpertise creates story-telling campaigns that strike a chord with the audience. People love a good story, and campaigns do exactly that. This is a subtle form of selling your product or service, where it is woven into a tale that your client will remember you by.


This is where you bring your business to a prospective client’s notice. When a client comes in contact with your business, you can remarket ads to them on multiple platforms. This form of marketing will keep your business in the prospect’s mind until they take an action to choose you.


Once a client comes in contact with your business, you can always reach out to them through emails to update them on information that they will be interested in. Moreover, consistent messaging will show your brand as trustworthy and reliable business.

Lead Generation Campaigns Statistics

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“We have been working with Xpertise from the start! They are friendly & talented team delivering very professional services within agreed time frame and budget. Their ideas are always fresh, helping us come up as a strong brand in a very short time.“

-Nitin Chopra-
CEO - Range IPI

“My experience with Xpertise has been great. Their professional team members have helped me create Ads, newsletters and videos for International Campaign which in turn helped with low cost leads and high performance. They just did a good job. Thanks“

-Shubhojeet Datta-

“It has been a great experience working with Xpertise for our local and international campaigns. They provided a full service pack for our international roadshows and it is what we were looking for. Awesome!.“

-Salman Ali-
Manager at Highsource /Homespartner

"We need money to build your business, not your business to build our wealth.”

To understand our packages in detail, book a call with us today and get on the journey to take your business to the next level.

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