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Business Tech Packages

Take charge of your online brand with our business tech packages at Xpertise

Business Tech Packages

Business Tech Packages

Amplify your brand with powerful tech integrations.

How our Business Tech package can help you do better than others

Our business tech package includes a wide range of simple yet effective services that can save you a lot of time and keep your step ahead in the market.

Google Business Page Setup

Setting up a Google My Business page to help businesses appear in local search results, provide key information to customers, and manage their online reputation.

Email Service Setup

Setting up email accounts using a custom domain name, such as, to enhance professionalism and credibility.

Cloud Storage and Collaboration Tools

Providing access to cloud-based storage and collaboration tools, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, to help businesses easily share and collaborate on files and documents.

Social Media Account Creation

Setting up a social media account can be a time-consuming task and that is why we help you create them by setting up your bio, profile picture, segment and so on.


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