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Our expertise lies in generating leads and customers using online marketing channels and help the business reach their goals and achieve objectives.


  • Xpertise Creative Studio has come up with a package to cover all the marketing needs of a business. Our package will cover all the important elements required for a sustainable growth of a company and acquire new customers.


Design and Development
We are a team of people with a vivid imagination who create things out of the box. Our design creates a differentiation that makes your brand more noticeable and enhances features to stand out of the regular.
Social Media Management
We work well to define a story for your brand. We create content that is engaging, creative & straight to the point. With years of experience that allow us to identify your business social needs and create content & manage social pages according to that.
Social Ads Management

We pay diligent attention & focus to build your brand’s reputation and maximizing its reach with paid & sponsored content on different social platforms with a core focus on Facebook.

Facebook Detail Targeting

To generate quality leads, exposure to a unique audience & pixel remarketing to engage existing customers & fresh visitors.

Google AdWords / Remarketing

For search, display, video and remarketing through cookie capturing. Driven by affinity marketing techniques to make sure your ad reaches the right customers before your competition.

B2B Lead Generation and social signal enhancement

Targeting based on designations, industries, business nature & job attributes. The focus here will be end-users or quick buyers.

Email Lead capturing modules & call to actions

To retain existing clients, find new buyers and engaged people through our email with one-tap modules to capture leads and inquiries.

Lead Management System

Xpertise has developed a unique Lead Management System to manage leads from Social Media & other platforms. Lead Management System to update them nurture them and drive a customer journey.

A unique Lead Management System (LMS) to manage leads from Social Media & other platforms. Our Lead Management System provides an automation by a direct integration with the social platforms. The automation procedure will directly upload the leads on real-time followed with an SMS & Email on the provided contact details. Never miss a lead from now on.

Website Maintenance
A great website requires outstanding maintenance. You may possess a website which is good aesthetically & functionaly but, it still requires a consistent touch of excellence from our team of designers & developers.




Objectives identification & strategy creation

Initially, we identify a brand or business objectives and creating goals driven results. We advertise your products and services in the most effective way to maximize the profits. We work with a blend of what’s in demand & what will pool in the most revenue.



Design & Development

Our team of experts creates content, graphic creatives & landing pages to initiate digital marketing campaigns. From digital advertising to lead generation, social media to brand exposure, email shots to blogs. We only go live after your approval.



Segmentation, Optimization & Bidding

To make sure we maximize the results from the budget, our digital marketing experts constantly check and analyze the performance of the campaigns. Improving ROI and reducing the cost is the main focus, So we accelerate the strategies that work and enhance the ones that need an improvement.



Campaign Management

This is an on-going procedure where experts keep a tab on every single detail on the campaigns. The refreshers are done if needed to keep the cost steady and as low as possible. We optimize the bidding to acquire the lowest cost per lead. We decide when to improve the campaign, enhance or optimize it if required.

*PPC campaigns are for up to 2 services. Should you wish to add additional services to increase bookings or sales for them, there will be an addition campaign management fee per service. *Budget spend for the ads is not included in our management cost, and is paid directly by the client to Google, Facebook & Instagram. We recommend an initial budget to the client to get started, and you can then increase your spend to reach more people once you are confident and satisfied with the current return on spend. *We require a minimum 3 month sign-up for new clients. While all clients see immediate results, a 3 month period is required for any digital marketing plan to be optimized and stabilized. *Setup time is 1 month from project confirmation. Where possible, we try to get the project up in 15 days.



  • USD 0.5 - 30.00 Cost per Lead


  • USD 0.5 - 6.00 Cost per Click

Linkedin ads

  • USD 30.00 - 60.00 Cost per Click


An eye for detail makes our work excellent.


This is the story of transformation of a newly launched real estate group into one of the most popular in the region. This project is very important to us because it helped us learn the nuances and technicalities of the real estate industry.


Xpertise accomplished the complete branding of this client . Our creative team designed the company’s icon to align with the organizational vision and reflect it effectively. The rebranding procedure included presenting designed stationary and implementing a robust and penetrating marketing plan.


Another example of our great international work, Xpertise accomplished the complete rebranding, Creation of marketing material & video production of Casino Jewel in Georgia. The concept was created on a potent scope which later showcased it’s allure in Georgian Market.


Our team achieved the complete re-design and development of the website for this valued client in the field of Commercial Enterprises Investments from Abu Dhabi.


Our team has yet added another successful development of Footprint Real Estate’s Website in their flagship. With a complete re-design, content & brand new functionalities not just to meet the standards of the local market but as well internationally.


As the specialists of the real estate industry of not just Dubai but as well as international, Xpertise team has designed and developed the website of Amberhomes Real Estate. The website features the full detail of real estate characteristics with functionalities to deliver an easy use of the website for the clients and as well as within house.


ICS Technologies – A Technology company providing state of the security services globally. Our expertise has not only given a brand new identity to the company by making a Logo, Company profile and as well their website to give them a proper stature in Dubai Market. Currently, we are managing their website, creatives, and informatives to support their operations globally.


Our designers with exceptional and creative ideas have delivered enchanting designs for St Clair Real Estate including project brochures, flyers and as well as sponsored ad content. Additionally, our team has delivered the target of marketing by generating quality leads in a short period.


Another successful project by our team fulfilling the project of marketing and creative designing for Appello Real Estate. The project was successfully delivered ensuring quality leads on a timely basis to maximize conversions.


“Dubai is calling” A project created, developed and successfully matured by our team. The idea was to develop a marketplace for Dubai to know each and everything from Real Estate to safe investment as well as Dubai Market Stature. As well as, there is a dedicated section where people can share or read stories of different people to share experience and learn from others. Dubai is calling is currently under the management of Xpertise Creative Studio handling the complete marketing of the brand.


“Dubai Homes” the specialist in off plan properties of Dubai. Xpertise team is currently handling the complete digital marketing for their onshore & offshore events. Additionally, we are also managing their Website, Social Pages & generating marketing ideas as the off plan launches are picking a pace in Dubai’s Real Estate Market.


Munish Sehli

Marketing Specialist

A believer in Client’s Success. He always work with a goal-oriented approach and pays attention to every single detail.

“I believe that a client’s satisfaction should always be the first priority of any business.”


Results can vary for different products & niches. We carefully assess your business and it’s objectives & our expertise has proven results in various industries. Our goals are to make it sustainable and generate ROI for our clients.

We guarantee a minimum of 30 – 35 leads in any niche. However, our lead generation campaigns have proven huge results in multiple industries like; Real Estate, Blockchain, Digital Services. Most clients receive well over this number. The product and industry niche may affect the numbers with a variation of 10 – 15 percent.

The minimum tenure of the contract is 3 months. However, we provide our maximum in 3 months to make your business stand out with a high return on investments.

From Master branding that gives a timeless identity to creating an exposure in Social media, From a well-crafted website to digital marketing for qualified leads, All is inclusive in this package.

Our social media experts handle and maintain your social media with regular posting. This is to maintain your brand loyalty with your current customers and also to acquire new prospects.

A good website requires excellent maintenance. We optimize your website to work faster, load quicker, and leaves a rememebering impact on anyone who visits it. Along with that, we perform basic SEO, Regular posting with updates, offers & products and frequent enhancements if required.

We will not charge any service or design fees for the campaign. You can spend as much as you like on Facebook, Google or LinkedIn depending on your budget and need. On average, cost per lead may vary from $5 – $35 depending on the business category and industry niche.

Our clients

Driving technology for leading brands


Xpertise Creative Studio is a team of enthusiastic, innovative and enterprising professionals employing the experience garnered over the years to create a powerful brand identity that makes an indelible mark in the consumer’s mind. Our passion for creativity is unmatched. Our USP is minimalism, which means we are very efficient at cutting out the unwanted fluff and getting right to the point. We help popularize brand culture through the products and services that consumers love and can relate to.